TRAPEZ: 1 beginners / 2 advanced

Teacher: Ivet Čechovská (CZ)
Summary: we will focus on different ways of gettting up on the trapez and back down; how to spin the trapez around you and you around the trapez :-); in the second workshop we will focus on more advanced tricks, especially spins and their rhythm
Required skills: 1 motivation to learn something new /2 previous experience with trapez or ring, upstart
Props: wear preferably two layers of clothes in the area of your waist (eg body and t-shirt) and trousers of under-the-knee length
Duration: 60min
Limit of participants: max 12


Teacher: Ivo Alderliesten (CZ/NL)
Summary: manipulation with flowersticks is more than just spinning them on the sticks, come to my workshop to find out, how to improve your skills with flowersticks!
Required skills: you should be able to do a few tricks, minimal experience with contact tricks is welcome
Props: your own flowerstick (there will be a few flowersticks to borrow at the BJC 2019 orga team)
Duration: 60min


Teachers: Dáša H.Trávníková (KUFR Theatre/Faculty of Sports Studies MU) and Bája (Cirkus LeGrando)
Summary: wouldyou like to use your circus skills differently? we will introduce you into the concept of “social circus”, inform you about the Czech-Slovak platform CIRKONET and the circus network CARAVAN; we will show you practical circus activities for different target groups
Required skills: no specific skills neede; suitable for all who want to learn something about using circus techniques within social background
Props: no specific needed
Duration: 60min


Teachers: Céline and Milena (Belgium/Switzerland, dUoGyne Company)
Summary: in this workshop we will mainly focus on different ways to raise into handstands, working on handstand endurance and leg movements; we will also offer the possibility to work on different shapes and one arm handstands
Required skills: you don’t need special skills just a prepared and motivated body and mind
Props: yoga mats (there are some to borrow on site)
Duration: 90 min